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A great website with aesthetically effective design is your first step towards online success

We at NexTru Technologies discuss and take down your ideas and transform those into extraordinary creative websites. Our extensive website and graphic design experience enables us know what works and what doesn’t.

We, at NexTru, provide professional and state-of-the-art website design services. We know that your website is the face of your business and a professionally designed website is what is required to ensure perfect delivery of your unique services. Our trained and seasoned website design professionals create custom websites for your unique requirements.

NexTru Technologies’ expert web design services in India are affordable and yet effective. We offer wide range of Website design services. We specialize in responsive website portals, micro websites, flash websites and E-commerce portals etc. With our huge industry experience, we deliver effective SEO friendly websites that rank high on the search engines and help increase quality visits on your website.

Check the following Type of Website design services we provides at Nextru Solutions.

Types of Website Services we provides.

Check the following Type of Website design services we provides at Nextru Solutions.

Types of Website Services we provides

Static Website Designing – For better online Visibility

Static Websites are great for small businesses that don’t need any administrative panel. These kinds of websites are best for small screen entrepreneurs. These kinds of websites provide better visibility of your content.

With static website feature you can have the following benefits

  • LOOK & FEEL of Website - Under Static Website design feature we provides you a unique and fresh look of your website. We promise to craft your ideas better and to make them into reality.
  • Animated Smooth navigation – No harsh and fast scrolls, you will experience the smoothest navigation under this section. Links and hyperlinks placed in website will be easily visible to your clients and visitors.
  • Unique Style - A unique style, unique look a world replete with websites dedicated to various institutions and causes it becomes important to come up with a fresh idea. Also since a static web page cannot have a lot of embellishments, it needs to have a very fresh outlook and way of presentation so that it captures attention of people. Thus the layout should be simple yet interesting.


Dynamic Website Design

Under Dynamic Website Design the thing get a bit tricky. Website design under dynamic is opposite to static web site, here web pages not fixed as static web site, changes under this will be done according to clients by own ends. Dynamic websites will make the most of your website and either use it as a tool or create a professional, attention-grabbing experience for your visitors.

When it comes to a static websites than it   has certain drawbacks along with advantages such as   it’s easier and quicker to load, website made   under static terms are hard to take long way. The content under Static web site become fixed and hard to change every time. So in future if you don’t want to face these kind of issues than you should go for dynamic website.

Why choose Dynamic?

With Dynamic Websites it’s easy to manipulate content, Also there are a variety of reasons such as

  • Multipurpose Functionality - Dynamic websites serve many purposes. They are specially made to help customers with their preference and to do their job well. You should go for dynamic website If you want to provide online services or if you are a facilitator of online transactions or if your site needs to be highly interactive in nature, than you should go for dynamic websites.
  • Proper Customisation - Under Dynamic Website creation we make sure to customise everything according to user specific needs. All things such as look and feel of website can be changed according to user preferences.
  • Ease of Handling – Suppose you want to bring some modification to your website that you can do that without basic knowledge of coding and other hand static website needs an expert to handle and change content in them.


Responsive Web Design - 

Users access websites throughout various systems. Therefore It is a very big challenge to create these kinds of websites. This is like the additional burdening of creating websites that can be adapted by each of these devices. A separate version for the desktops and laptops, another for the mobile phones and an altogether different one for the I-phones!

However, responsive website designing has completely solved these issues.

These are the certain features of Responsive Web Designing.


  • Dimensions : In static websites length and breadth of the website is generally rigid. But in responsive websites this problems solves automatically.   In Responsive websites this helps them appear is a better way even on the screens of a mobile phones or tablets.
  • Images : Images automatically gets responsive in this as Images are a huge issue when it comes to display on various devices. So this issue resolves in responsive websites.
  • Content : This mode of web designing also give priority to content. A lot of the things that the larger screen can accommodate become redundant for relatively smaller devices

Redesigning Website

Get the Best Web Re-Designing Services with one try

If you have decided that your current website does not strive to fulfil the purpose that it was created for you must go for a re-designing of the website. If you are not satisfied with the outcomes of the website, then perhaps there is an ever increasing need to come up with something bigger and better.

Website Design for Start-ups

We totally understand all a start up company needs to promote their business and display their services and products so?

Starting an online business? We've helped many successful startups grow, and can  help guide you each step of the way .

We promise to deliver the top most of our services.

Custom Website Design

Websites is a unique identity of any enterprise and business in today’s world.

  • Design Elements in Custom Websites : Under Custom web design we provides   unique purpose   and customised features. Under Custom websites we understand what customer wants his or her website to look like.
  • Design Features – Under Custom Web Design we understand the purpose of the website, its motive and mission must reflect in the website. And this happens with  various design features . Therefore we includes features like layout, images, fonts, backgrounds and use of colour help to create a look that matches the needs of the person who has asked for it.

Mobile UI Web Design

Technology has made headway into each one of our lives. With the onset of the technological revolution, gadgets have become a common sight

User Interface Design requires a good perception of a user's need. We have experienced Mobile UI Designer who collects your information and design as per your requirements. The layout on mock-up should be discussed in different stage. Our UX/UI Designer has prominent understanding of user-centred design principles, excellent visual design skills, and technical knowledge. The NexTru Technologies team also has proven expertise in interaction design.

Tools we use involve HTML5, CSS3, Photoshop, Coral draw, Adobe illustrator and other latest tools in the market. User interface for mobile apps is among the toughest task to design as it requires complete compatibility among devices according to their screen sizes, resolutions, graphics and other views. We inherit all those conditions designing UI for mobile and tablets.


Ecommerce Web Design

Ecommerce web design is on top most of our leading services we provide, Under this service we are providing businesses nationwide with a professional website a shopping cart solution along with wish list and top of our solutions, Therefore providing a complete management system and solution for your website.

Ecommerce Website Features we provide–

1. Shopping Cart:  Shopping cart is the number one requirement for an ecommerce website. No ecommerce website is complete with shopping cart feature, it is technically possible to have an ecommerce site without a shopping cart

We provides you best shopping cart which makes   it easy to add or remove products, and go back to the store to make changes or purchase something new.

2 . Mobile Enabled Shopping Site : We provides you responsive mobile enabled ecommerce sites, the best features of mobile enabled website is that mobile users can directly come and purchase.

In an age of device fragmentation, websites need to incorporate responsive web design. This ensures that the user gets the optimal experience regardless of whether she chooses to shop from a smartphone, tablet, or a personal computer.

3. Security : Many ecommerce vendors underestimate security and pay a hefty price for the same. In an age where roving cyber-bandits attack websites at will to cart away financial and other information, it is important to host the websites with best security features.

4. Social Integration : Social media has changed the nature of online shopping in a big way. Consumers are increasingly discussing their experiences with products through social media in a big way, and prospective buyers value such real-life experience over overt marketing pitches, Under Ecommerce section we provides you a complete social integration solution with a 100% customer reach report.

5. Powerful Search : Today’s customers are impatient. They cannot be bothered to click through the site directory to search for what they want. A search box within the site is a basic requirement. The ideal search box should be faceted, and type-sensitive. This will bring in more details, making it easier for the customer to identify what they want. So a powerful search feature is all an ecommerce site needs which we provides under this section.

7. Integrated Shipping :  A specific integrated system is must. As a Ecommerce website holder there are certain possibilities that delivery mechanism don’t work properly. We assure you completely by providing our best shipping module features.

10 . Phone numbers and online chats :  Online chat and phone service feature is also available according to clients’ needs and requirements. This is the   must have features for any ecommerce site looking for substantial sales to provide 24*7 solutions to customers. With online chat services customers are totally assure that they can redress issues such as delayed delivery, unauthorized billings, returns and more.


Wordpress website design

Nextru also provides website   designed in wordpress.  If you want to develop a simple website where one should be able to modify look and feel of website by logging into Admin Panel of the website then you should go for Word press.

Whether you're looking for a simple lead generation site / small business website / a complete blogging site, or maybe you want to launch an online course or any specific thing than don’t worry we got yyou all covered.

CMS (Content Management System) websites

Nextru also provides solutions for big data handling websites such as content management websites. There are a lots of features you get under CMS section such as   - High Performance and scalability, Extensibility and integration, Advanced security management, big data control, user management system, online marketing system, support for mobile devices and   over all responsiveness.

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